Transaction Code To Display Rebate Agreement

The tab displays the delivery code, participants, and any warnings created during the calculation steps. A hotkey is available to display the current view of the participant provision code within the contract. If you view this tab in the agreement, a Plan Builder button is also available to view the details of the compound plan. For example, a marketing model for a given product is defined. All agreements relating to this product must be initiated from this model. This process was managed by creating a single type of agreement and controlling it through permissions. In order to develop stricter controls, the programme agreement was drawn up. Incoterms establishes certain internationally recognized procedures that both the sender and the receiving party must follow in order for the shipping transaction to be successfully concluded. Mass Ref. A field that retrieves reference information that is entered manually by a user when they submit mass updates or changes to the rules of the agreement. If this field is filled with data, it means that the rules in the agreement have been changed or updated using the mass processing feature. The owner role is used to assign the agreement itself an owner role or a responsible party role, for example.

B „coordinator“ or „head of department“. The Price List tab displays all the price books created for a particular agreement. A price list is similar to a catalog that is given to a customer and that indicates materials as well as prices and discounts, which allows him to refer to them when ordering. Once your discounts have accumulated, you must pay the discount. Renewal Action is used to allocate actions that need to be implemented for a particular agreement with respect to the extension itself, for example. B „management authority“ or „legal audit“. To configure the action engine, the transaction is SPPFCADM or SPPCWIZARD (available only in SAP ECC 6.0). Termination The call is used to assign a reason for terminating a contract when it is terminated, for example. B“customer request“, „sales manager request“ or „company out of service“. Click on the button that gives an overview of the terms of the agreement. There is the type of condition, the key combination and the number of records for them. To view records for a particular condition type, double-click the row and make a selection if necessary.

Grouping is used to assign a particular agreement to a particular agreement group, for example.B. . . .