Riai Articles Of Agreement 2012

Condition 35B now provides that, within one calendar month from the actual date of ownership of the site, and then at the time of the intermediate certificates, the holder has the right to obtain a declaration of progress (which may contain a notification of payment in accordance with Section 4 CCA) within five working days, a certificate from the architect indicating the amount owed by the employer to the holder. Once the certificate has been submitted to the employer, the employer must pay the amount owed within seven working days. If the amount certified by the architect differs from the amount indicated by the holder in the progress inventory, the holder is automatically entitled to an explanation from the architect indicating the reasons for the difference and the basis for calculating the amount certified for payment. After the 2012 edition, the contractor is not entitled to this declaration, unless he has specifically requested it; Below is a summary of some of the key features of new spending and changes to the old editions of contract forms for 2012. The statutes contain a new Article 5 (communications under the CCA) which aims to clarify and agree on how the CCA provides for effective notification of legal communication. The articles indicate that all CCA notices are sent by registered mail. This new section 5 also provides that a notice of request for payment under Section 4 of the CCA can also be sent by e-mail (to the email address listed in the appendix). The purpose of this amendment is to bring notification of notices into line with the CCA`s provisions. The revised 2017 expenditures update the Yellow-Blue 2012 forms to address the adoption of the 2014 (BCAR) and 2013 Construction Contract (CCA) regulations. The 2017 expenditures have been reviewed to ensure they comply with the provisions of the BCAR and cca. They have also been revised to ensure consistency with the CCA (rather than including all of its provisions). The 2017 editions contain five major changes to those of the 2012 editions. The amendments have been simplified and minimized due to the automatic application of the CCA`s provisions to work contracts.

The new expenditure will be introduced as part of the ongoing work of the Riai Contracts Drafting Group (CDG) to revise and modernise these work contracts, which are widespread in the construction market in Ireland.