Adobe Illustrator License Agreement

The last order date for the K-12 site license was February 27, 2015. Customers who have already purchased K-12 site licenses may continue to use them in accordance with the terms of use of Adobe`s K-12 site license until their current contract expires. (A) to use services or software without or in violation of a license or written agreement with Adobe; 16.9 Flash Player Projectors and Execution. The customer`s rights to use the Flash player, projector, standalone drive, plug-in, execution or activeX control made available to the customer as a party or with the software or in an output file are subject to the conditions available on Unless otherwise stated, the customer has no right to use or disseminate this software. Please note that the provisions of Section 8 (Limitation of Liability) continue to apply to any customer claims for compensation regarding the use of the Software. Adobe is, however, responsible for reasonably foreseeable direct losses in the event of Adobe`s breach of this agreement. Customers are advised to take all reasonable steps to prevent and reduce damage, including producing copies of copies of the software and computer data. If the software is designed to be used with adobe-published application software (the host app), Adobe grants you a non-exclusive license to use that software only with the host app, as long as you have a valid Adobe license for the host app. If not as shown below, this software will be granted to them under the terms of Adobe`s end-user license agreement, which govern your use of the host app. 16.3 Educational software product. If it is educational software (software manufactured and distributed only by educational end-users), the client is not allowed to use the software unless the client qualifies in his jurisdiction as a final educational user.

Please visit to learn more about the authorization. Please visit and search the Adobe product purchase link worldwide to find an authorized Adobe Academic reseller. For the purposes of these pages, „transfer“ means a change of ownership and does not mean a change in licensing management within the same entity or between companies or departments covered by a single agreement.